Backstage tour


Backstage tour

Duration of the excursion: 

90 minutes

The lights went out in the hall ... The performance is over ...
The curtain is closed ...Would you like to go backstage?
And learn about puppets and all the secrets of their appearance? Walk around the stage? To get into the office of Sergei Vladimirovich Obraztsov - the most important place where all this magic started?

We invite you to our backstage tour of the theater. You will be able to walk the path of the artists of our theater, to see where rehearsals are held and props are stored, how puppets are created for new performances. You will get acquainted with the work of artists and prop masters, find yourself behind the scenes of the big and small stages and learn about the preparations for the performances. You will wander through the large foyer and discover that museum exhibits are located throughout the theater.
And of course, you will visit the heart of our theater - the office of Sergei Vladimirovich Obraztsov, which has preserved the original atmosphere of the time when the great puppeteer worked there.
Experienced guides will tell you about the history of the world puppet theater and the formation of puppet theater in Russia. We have the largest collection of theatrical puppets in Russia!
You will get acquainted with the puppets of the performances of our Theater and its founder Sergei Obraztsov.
We are waiting for you, it will be interesting!

Ticket price - 700 rubles
Duration - 1,5 hours
The maximum size of the group is 20 people.

To order an excursion, call by phone: 8 (495) 650-43-69, 8 (495) 699-55-53 or send a request


Ждем вас в театре всегда!