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Visit to the Theater Museum

Working hours:

Wednesday - Sunday from 11.00 to 19.00

The ticketing office sells tickets to the Museum until 6.15pm

Every second Wednesday of the month from 17.00 to 20.00 entrance to the museum is free of charge for all preferential categories

Ticket price:

The entrance ticket price is 300 rubles.

Children under 7 years old are entitled to free admission to the Museum

Visit guidelines

  1. The museum is open to the public every day, except Mondays and Tuesdays.
  2. Visits to the exposition, cultural events are held on days and hours established by the administration of the Museum and the Theater. Entry to the exposition stops 30 minutes before the Museum closes; when holding cultural events, the work schedule is determined by the relevant Order of the Theater administration.
  3. The museum accepts single visitors as well as guided groups.
  4. Service for single visitors includes paid access to the main exposition of the Museum without a guide. Visitors purchase an entrance ticket and show it at the entrance.
  5. Excursion service includes paid access to the Museum exposition accompanied by a guide. Excursion service is carried out for groups on the basis of a preliminary application, fixing the date and time of the excursion. Payment for excursion services is carried out in advance in cash or bank transfer.
  6. In accordance with the Decree of the Government of Moscow No. 304-PP from 29.04.2003 the Museum provides its services for preferential categories of visitors.
  7. While on the territory of the exhibition complexes Visitors to the Museum are not allowed the following: to smoke; to litter; to be in a state of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication; to wear dirty, foul-smelling clothes; to carry weapons (firearms or cold) and other objects that are dangerous to the life and health of people; to visit the Museum with animals, with the exception of guide dogs; to use sound-reproducing equipment, pyrotechnics; to put up and distribute printed materials; to light a fire or use any fire-hazardous devices; to conduct independent excursions; to enter the exhibition with children's toys, strollers, roller skates, skateboards, scooters, bicycles.
  8. Upon entering the Museum, at the request of security officers, visitors have to present for inspection the items carried with them (bags, briefcases, packages, etc.).Those who refuse to present their belongings for inspection are not allowed into the Museum.
  9. Outerwear, umbrellas, bulky items (briefcases, packages, bags, backpacks with a volume of more than 50 x 40 x 30 cm), food and drinks should be handed over to the Theater's wardrobe.
  10. When staying in the exhibition of the Museum, visitors are prohibited: to talk loudly; to use mobile phones; to touch exhibits, to go behind the fences and into the premises closed for visiting; to carry out professional photo and video shooting without prior approval from the Museum administration; to distract museum personnel from performing their official duties; to carry out and consume food and beverages.
  11. Amateur photography and video filming of general plans (without a tripod and flash) is allowed at the Museum. Professional photo and video filming are carried out by prior agreement with the administration of the Museum and in accordance with the approved Procedure.
  12. The time allotted for visiting the Museum is 1 hour from the moment of purchase of the ticket.
  13. All visitors to the Museum are obliged: to comply with these Rules and generally accepted sanitary-epidemiological and environmental standards; to comply with the requests of the Museum staff for maintaining public order; to leave the territory of the Theater after the time allotted for visiting the Museum exposition and by the time of its closing.
  14. Citizens who violate the procedure established by these Rules can be removed from the premises of the Museum and the Theatre and held accountable under the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Obraztsov Apartment-Museum visits

Working hours:

Wednesday — Sunday from 11.00 to 18.00

Tickets for visiting can be purchased online or at the box office of the Obraztsov Theater.

Terms of the visit:

Visiting is possible only as part of a tour group

Entrance fee - 500 rubles


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