Ray of Sunlight

Ray of Sunlight

Small stage

45 minutes without intermission

A Performance directed by Sergey Yagodkin based on the play by Alexander Popesku tells an extraordinary story that happened in an ordinary house.

Once upon a time, in a basement, there lived a little mouse named Muff. He arranged a cozy nest for himself out of things people deemed unnecessary, he felt warm and safe. However, everything changed when  the porcelain ballerina named Peet, the house owners' favourite, got into the basement. How did she end up in the trash? Was this the end of her life or the beginning of something new?

“This is a performance about  a night being the darkest before dawn. Night symbolizes the time of resentment, by overcoming wich one can forgive a person. And dawn is a ray of sunlight that helps to see one’s neighbor, and thereby destroy his and one’s own loneliness”, - director Sergey Yagodkin.

Premiere Date: 
14 December 2019



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