Your visit

Your visit

Dear friends! Dear viewers!

If you are planning to come to see one of our performances, this page is for you!

A ticket to the performance (Big and Small stages) includes a visit to the theater museum. Here we have the largest collection of theatrical puppets in Russia. We advise you to come in advance thus you have time to get acquainted with our exposition.  You can also stroll around the lobby, go to the buffet and get in the right mood to watch the performance.

Our theater is equipped to be visited by people with limited physical abilities. When planning to visit the theater, please contact the administration office by phone +7 (495) 699-33-10. Thus, you will be provided with all the necessary assistance!
Elevator floor plan

Please note that the goods and entertainment services offered outside the theater have nothing to do with the theater. After inspection by authorities, it was revealed that the organizers were not licensed to carry out these events. ОThis is especially true for photographers with animals, as well as activities related to riding horses or ponies. Such animals do not have any documents, furthermore, there is a busy highway nearby. All this is extremely dangerous for people and cruel to animals.

Please, take care of yourself and your children!

Dear Parents!

We understand your desire to show your child your favorite performances. We support you in this, but we ask you to consider the age rating of the performances. When the age rating was given, not only the topic of the play, but also the duration of the performance, the choice of music and the appearance of the puppets were taken into account. We really want every viewer in the hall to be ready for the performance and get the most positive experience from watching it!

We are always happy to see you in our theater!


Ждем вас в театре всегда!